Final Presentation

18 May

Final Presentation


Ethics Forms

14 May

This term has not been my strongest and the year, in fact, has gone downhill since the beginning. I have had to work a lot of hours this year to support myself, and as I work nights finishing at 7am wasn’t always helpful when 10am lectures were on as I would have a 3 hour gap in which I had to try to stay awake.

If I fail this year I will definitely be considering a retake.

The ethics form were just something that completely slipped my mind. With an exciting exhibition, a module allowing us to do whatever we wanted to and the thought of not graduating looming over me whilst I was holding down 24-30 hours a week at Sainsbury’s, I simply had too much to handle and didn’t prioritise my time correctly – and I hold my hands up to that.

My ethics form completed in first semester would still be applicable to semester 2’s ethics.


12 May

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Box outs were also a fairly simple design process, a few encounters with formatting full stops and alignment of the words, but overall looked similar to the existing publication’s design.

Another problem I encountered was captions and photos. The arrangement of photos proved difficult to fit into a 2500 word article as I originally had them too big, so I played around with sizes and wrapping text but decided on two images at once with both captions underneath to keep it all compact.


12 May

It proved fairly simple to find a match using preloaded fonts on InDesign and the only problem I encountered was trying to find the correct colour gradient for the letters and saving the ‘Articles’ logo to the left of the title.

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Gantt chart: Evaluation

10 May

The creation and execution of a Gantt chart has never been a strong point of mine, I don’t like them, I don’t follow them when carrying out my own work and I find them unnecessarily confusing!

Thus, my first attempt was truly awful and after leaving it for a while, the version I had downloaded previously had corrupted and didn’t allow me to save any changes I’d made after.

So, I created a new one changing the priority to 80% and the timescale to hours rather than days, this allowed me to set tasks to spread over an 8 hour week. I set a baseline for the entire project and configured the milestones and predecessors.

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Interviews Q+A Sample

27 Apr

Rather than list the interviews questions and answers from each person asked, I thought I’d pick a few of the most valuable replies and type them up for the blog.

(Question asked: What’s your view on the legalisation of marijuana in relation to the government’s delaying of a definitive response?)

“Well it’s the same for everything – will it end well or not/ Personally I think they’re thinking way into it all and y’know, it’s not heroin. They’re not making getting out of your mind, living in squalor and stealing to fund your horrible addiction legal,  although alcohol could fit that description actually. They’d be providing access to something proven to be less harmful than alcohol and I know so many people that do it, literally 80% of my friends, and if it was made legal and kept it from being used in the street, as drinking in the streets is, then a huge chunk of the population would be better off. No more sneaking around, no more drug dealers driving round late at night, no association with illegal drugs – that’s the big problem because people become tempted to try harder substances and that’s where the crime comes in.”

(Question asked:


18 Apr

Based on the work I’ve produced so far in relation to the Gantt chart – it’s clear I am falling a little behind.

There were complications with the exhibition so my focus and drive was elsewhere for a while!

However, I am back on the article and all seems okay…

I’d previously written around 1000 words of jumbled ideas in a very personal style, made up of mostly past experiences I’ve had so I revised the style and went for a more opinionated piece (rant) instead because it sounds more interesting.